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Located within 3mins walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT station, the Centre provides much convenience to parents and students staying in the East. The Centre has 5 individual classrooms for better class facilitation.

Blk 845 Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex, #04-05, Singapore 400845

Tel: 92773969 / 67421595

Opening Hours:
3.00pm to 6.30pm (Wednesday - Friday)
9.00am to 5.00pm (Saturday)
(Closed on all gazetted public holidays.)

Secondary 1

English, Mathematics and Science Enrichment Classes to prepare students for the Secondary One Examinations.


English Saturday 1.00pm~3.00pm 2 hours $650 for 3 months
IP Science /  Science Saturday


1.5 hours $520 for 3 months
IP Maths / Maths Saturday


1.5 hours $520 for 3 months





IP Maths / Maths Wed, Thur or Fri 3.00pm~4.30pm 1.5 hours $520 for 3 months
IP Science /  Science Wed, Thur or Fri 4.30pm~6.00pm 1.5 hours $520 for 3 months



Registration fee of $50 and deposit of $50 per subject.


The following components are essential to master in order to strengthen a student's command of the Language:

  • Continuous and Structured Writing - Practice essays from Narrative to Argumentative and Task-oriented Writing. We give students practices on a fortnightly basis, with different types of exam scenarios and an emphasis on the language component.
  • Challenging Comprehension Passages - Understanding the content and argument of passage (s) of prose. Practices are conducted on a fortnightly basis, with a focus on inferential questions.
  • Cloze Passages - We impart the skills of looking for contextual clues.
  • Summary Writing - Mastering the art of Writing Succinctly.
  • Grammar and Tenses drills
  • Vocabulary Enhancement Exercises
  • Sentence Synthesis
  • Oral Practice
  • Summary Writing - We teach the students to master the art of writing succinctly.


  • Materials sourced from top-ranking school papers to simulate exam conditions
  • Distinctive 'Explain-Assess-Rectify' approach to problem solving:
    The solution to a sum is first explained to students after which students are expected to re-produce a similar solution to the explained concept. Through this reproduction, students' comprehension of concept is assessed and rectified accordingly.
    This approach builds a stronger foundation as well as better confidence.
  • Progressive methodology inculcated:
    Starting off with the basic concept before progressively proceeding on to the more difficult questions such that students have complete exposure to the different types of questions in a particular chapter.


  • Detailed explanation and notes given for the key concepts and principles for each topic taught in the current local school syllabus
  • Interesting hands-on experiments
  • An emphasis on the application of the concepts and principles taught in each topic

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