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Located within 5 mins walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT station, the Centre provides much convenience to parents and students staying in the East.

Blk 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza, #03-53, Singapore 409286

Tel: 92773969 / 67421595

Opening Hours:
3.00pm to 6.00pm (Wednesday - Friday)
9.00am to 5.00pm (Saturday)
(Closed on all gazetted public holidays.)

Primary 4

We strongly recommend students to come for a paid trial class, so they can understand how the lessons are being conducted and whether they like the teachers as well as our teaching method, etc.


Please note that there is a $50 registration fee. It is only payable when your child decides to continue after the trial class.


The tuition at our centre is almost an one-to-one tuition for the price of group tuition.


Why is the tuition here is almost like one-to-one tuition?

We will do the topics for which your child needs help most. Once this is completed, we will then do the topics in the same sequence as your child's school syllabus.



When there are three Sec 2 students doing Mathematics in the same class, each of them may be doing different topics depending on their needs (weaknesses) as well as the sequences of their school syllabuses. Also, everyone will progress according to their learning pace. A stronger student will do a lot more and progress faster and a slower student will progress according to his/her ability. 


This is how we conduct our lessons. We will go through the lesson at the start of each class, most of the time with notes as well as some examples. Once the student understands the concepts, he/she will proceed to do the examples. Following the exercises, we will go around and mark every student’s worksheet regularly. We will also go through correction on the spot with the student, he/she will not be allowed to copy the answers but to do it by himself/herself once he/she understands it. This is to ascertain that your child really understands the concepts and able to do the question.


Also, if your child has any doubts for his/her school works, he/she is encouraged to bring to the centre to ask too. Perhaps, keep it to 1 to 2 questions per session.



English Saturday (full) 9.00am~11.00am 2 hours $780 for 3 months
Maths Saturday (full) 11.00am~12.30pm 1.5 hours $585 for 3 months
Science Saturday (full) 1.30pam~3.00pm 1.5 hours $585 for 3 months

Registration fee of $50 is applicable.


English Programme

The following components are essential to master in order to strengthen a student's command of the Language:

  • Creative Writing - We give students practices on a fortnightly basis, with different types of exam scenarios and an emphasis on the language component.
  • Comprehension Passages - Practices are conducted on a fortnightly basis, with a focus on inferential questions.
  • Cloze Passages - We impart the skills of looking for contextual clues.
  • Summary Writing - Mastering the art of Writing Succinctly.
  • Grammar and Tenses drills
  • Vocabulary Enhancement Exercises
  • Sentence Synthesis
  • Oral Practice

The following are sample pieces of some of the compositions done by our students. The words and phrases in italics are examples of the "Vocabulary Enhancing Excellent Phrases" taught to students to help them excel for "Composition Writing".

Mathematics Programme

  • Systematically and comprehensively cover all topics, chapter by chapter in accordance to the local school syllabus.
  • Give challenging exercises to enhance Creative Thinking Skills. This has grown in importance in recent years.

The Science Programme

  • Detailed explanation and notes given for the key concepts and principles for each topic taught in the current local school syllabus.
  • Interesting hands-on experiments
  • An emphasis on the application of the concepts and principles taught in each topic.
  • Practice with common exam questions to help students ace the examinations.

Student Results