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A Composition done by a Primary 2 student

Based on the points and drawing reference from the words and phrases given, write a composition of at least 80 words about "A fire". Some points you can think about:

  • Where were you when you noticed the fire?
  • What did you do?
  • Was anyone seriously injured?
  • Did help arrive?
  • How long was it before help arrived?
  • Who was at fault?

      It had been a long, tiring day in school and I was walking home wearily when I suddenly saw smoke billowing in the distance. Curiosity overwhelmed me as I rushed forward to take a better look and I was horrified to see a building on fire! Fierce, raging flames engulfed the entire building.


      I then immediately called the police and the fire brigade. Thankfully the fire engine arrived in the nick of time. Fortunately, many people in the building had been evacuated so no one was seriously injured.


      The police discovered that a shop owner was at fault after extensive investigations. He had lit a match for his cigarette, then he had dropped the match accidentally and his shop had thus caught fire. The fire then spread rapidly throughout the building. The shop owner felt very remorseful for his negligence. He was charged in court and fined $5,000. Henceforth, he had learnt his lesson and never smoked indoors again.



Done By:

Aubrey Blackshaw (Maha Bodi Primary School)